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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Season's End

Theme:  Find Your Color

AutumnFishing-1.jpg Email Autumn Fishing picture by DoyleArts
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"Forest of Integrity"

Plant seeds of integrity
wherever you roam,
For it's from these seeds
that a forest is grown.


"Rare Artist"

Rare is the artist
that replicates on canvas
God's originals.


"Leaves of Life"


A time when barren trees detonate into canopies of green.
With leaves individually exposed, yet strong in numbers.
Dutifully shadowing the sun, sheltering the rains, protecting the fowl.
Thriving in summer's serenity.

As Autumn nears their inner beauty is exposed;
Striking in color, uniquely their own, but oh for just a moment.
In time their vibrant hues can no longer shroud their brittle remains.
The strong grow weak, and the weak wisp away.

To those that remain the storms will assail.
The tightest of grips loosen each day.
The canopy of green is now a blanket of umber.
A few remain, deliberating their good fortune.
Among the remnants they feel alone.
Winter ascends, and surrender is near.
The last leaf falls, and signals the end.

Alas we are all but leaves in life.


Autumn is a wonderful time of year.  If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where the leaves change from green to brilliant colors, enjoy every second, because before long those colors fade.  So goes life.

I'm often amazed at the lives most of us have created for ourselves.  I believe that people long for peace, and simplicity, yet we structure our lives in a completely opposite direction.  More tragic than our own hectic schedules are the schedules we subject our kids to, especially in their early years.  Sports in particular has gotten out of control.  I remember the sense of relief and accomplishment that I felt after a season's end, and the excitement of starting something new.  I'm not sure we are allowing our kids that same sense of satisfaction, and longing for the next new thing.  I've found that most people that give their kids long breaks, tend to be glad that they did.

Autumn provides all of us that same sense of "season's end".  With winter approaching we know that our schedules, and habits will change, and shortly it will be time to do something new.  We try to hang on to every last drop of sunshine and warm temperature.  I see life as being very similar.  As I approach my first half century, I can't help but think that I'm entering the Autumn of my life.  The colors are brilliant; the summer storms have been fierce; and winter is on the horizon.

I was sitting on a porch swing during a warm Autumn day, when I noticed something that I never really gave much thought too in the past.  I noticed that among a grove of nearby trees that some were still green, some had changed to brilliant colors, and some had already lost their leaves.  Those that had lost their leaves had a few stragglers that somehow were still hanging onto the branch, but they looked sad and lonely by themselves.  In typical fashion, my mind began to wander.

I reflected on how similar life is to nature, and how each of us are similar to the leaves on a tree.  We are all born and thrive in our strong early years, and then eventually we face the fierce storms that challenge our existence.  Most hang on, yet others sadly perish.  In time we discover our true colors, and shine beautifully, and brilliantly once we do.  Before long our colors start to fade due to old age, or failing health, and slowly we start losing friends around us.  Those "lucky" enough to hang on the longest, often are alone at the end, and long to join their missing comrades.  In time we all lose our grip and eventually fall to the earth.

My wish for you is that you enjoy the view from your special place on Life's tree, and that you find your true colors sooner, rather than later.  When the time comes to loosen your grip, I hope you float gracefully and softly to your final rest.  And most importantly, find peace.

All my best,



  1. There are times in life that we must "loosen our grip"-not just at the end. Life changes so often, many beginnings and Endings while still "here". Peace would be a beautiful thing to have while here on Earth, but no matter what, we can count on it after we "loosen our grip" and go on. I do like your thoughts on finding a peace of sorts, but not sure that it is attainable for all!

  2. Disagree, everyone is capable of finding peace. You've got to dig deep, and discover yourself. It's there. Courage.

  3. OK, you did it again. You snuck in that last little twist at the end of the poem, and then I had to go BACK and read it again (and then again, and again...). You managed to take every line of that poem and relate it to a segment of life. How perfectly subtle...AGAIN! ;-)

  4. My most favorite season! I love how you tied in the poem, with the painting, and your quotes. Kudos my friend. :)

  5. I've been looking at your website. Such amazing talent you have, both in your paintings and your writings! I love the hummingbird-that is my favorite. So beautiful.

  6. Awe. I just commented on the dragonfly, I do love this one too, I think I will use parts of your writings in my classroom. But, out of all the dragonfly is my favorite. So far LOL. 5 grand? Is she nuts? Well, we know she is! Nice work. I'm bookmarking the page!!

  7. I think the Peace Lily is amazing. It looks so serene and has a calming affect. I Really Love it : )