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Friday, October 29, 2010

Perfect Line

Theme:  Taking Risks

SailingMap-2.jpg picture by DoyleArts
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"Perfect Line"

The tides and seas will greet you
At the dawn of early life.
From a sheltered cove you'll venture,
Along paths of ease and strife.
The sails upon your masts
Capture every wind benign.
So chart your course for greatness.
You'll sail the perfect line.

As you depart for open waters
Jagged shores will test your skill.
You'll battle villainous pirates.
Violent storms will test your will.
You'll venture beyond horizons,
And push the tests of time.
So chart your course for greatness.
You'll sail the perfect line.

Before the sun's departure
as it sinks into the sea,
You'll encounter grand adventures,
And discover your unique 'Me'.
Through trials and tribulations
In time you'll do just fine.
So chart your course for greatness.
You'll sail the perfect line.


"Life's Impasses"

Life's impasses can lead to
great rewards, or painful regrets.
Wisdom is knowing whether to
turn back, or forge onward.



Some seek fortune, and
others seek fame, but most just
seek oblivion.


Erosion is an amazingly powerful force.  Anyone who has ever spent time along the sea can attest to that, from the fallen cliffs of the Pacific, to the billions of ground up sea shells we call sand.  Life can have a similar eroding effect on all of us too.  Sometimes it erodes our emotions, laughter, and memories, and in many cases our ability to feel.  Sometimes by clutching to the bad, we bury the good.  And by burying the good, we often bury ourselves in silent oblivion.  I guess there's less pain in the dark.

How do you convince someone who's been burned in the past, to take risks in the future?  It's hard.  I've lived it.  For me I had to evolve to the point where the pain of the darkness, was greater than the risk of potential failure.  Once I set sail, I knew I'd be fine.

I am amazed at the early sailors who ventured off on new discoveries.  Think about this: many of us won't even venture off the highway for fear that we'll get lost in an unfamiliar, or dangerous area of our own cities.  How would you feel if that unfamiliar area was a sharp corner on the edge of a flat world, or the risk of sailing in open waters with the potential of never seeing land again?  At some point the early explorers risked everything to venture onward, instead of turning back.  Yes, some of our most heralded explorers had to also be considered our most insane.  Perhaps there's hope for me yet.

In the end, we are all sailors of sorts.  The adventures we encounter test our skills, erode our shores, and challenge our faith.  At times we may be called upon to sail a perfect line through dangerous waters.  We will need to know when to turn back, or when to forge onward.  Only time will determine if we made the correct decisions.  Perhaps everything happens for a reason.  If that's the case, then undoubtedly you can boast that whatever path you take, in the end you will be certain to...

"Sail the Perfect Line".



  1. Being afraid of change is lacking courage. Life is full of twists and turns. You must stay on course and the right path to reach your destiny. Sometimes, you don't know what you're missing out on until you find it. Moving with the currents instead of fighting it is key.

  2. I think this was perfect! Nice work.

  3. Love this, reminds me of Dad and his love of sailboats.