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Sunday, September 19, 2010

True Friend

Email Dragonfly
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Welcome to my new blog where you'll have a chance to see the best I have to offer from Doyle Arts including original paintings, quotes, haiku's, poems, and Doyle Arts news.  Those of you familiar with my previous "Inspirations Newsletter" know that the old format was email only.  Now you can not only receive the "Inspirations" blog via email, but you can also visit it at anytime in the future by simply saving it as a favorite on your computer.  Also, anyone can now access it via the web, so it really broadens our audience.  I appreciate you forwarding on the blog address to your friends and family.

Today's post is not only special because it's my first, it is also my opportunity to publicly thank a very dear friend who has been instrumental in helping me reach my dreams.  In the face of some very difficult times, she has always been there for me, and for that I am eternally grateful.  She is a "True Friend", and an inspiration to me.  My art, and writings seem to be the only way I can thank her, but somehow in my heart I am certain she'd have it no other way.  So for you my friend..."thank you"!

True Friend

I gave of me, yet it wasn't returned
I offered my hand, to which it got burned

I sacrificed myself, but soon shunned aside
I offered my truths, to my face they all lied

I gifted my secrets, to others they'd tell
My heart's now a fortress, my surface a shell

Yet despite all the others, I'm blessed in the end
For God took my hand when He made you my friend



  1. what a beautiful poem.

  2. That painting is so peaceful looking. My father used to tell me, people have many acquaintances in life. But not many 'true' friends, and to stay close to the true ones. This poem should remind all of us, how lucky we are should we have a friend like this, as described above. Wonderful! I have bookmarked your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh, that painting is just beautiful!! Did it go to the friend or is it up for sale?

  4. OK...about the painting. The painting was gifted to the friend that I mention, and she is hanging on TIGHTLY to the original. Her father was an artist, and battling some very difficult health issues when I painted that for her. Her dad would tell her that dragonflies were guardian angels. If you look closely on the reeds of the painting there is an original poem that says "When spying a dragonfly dancing on air, your guardian angel is hovering near." Due to the significance of the gift she refuses to sell it, even though she has been offered more than FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for it. (I never said she was bright!) lol

  5. Hmm,not so bright, eh? Get used to hearing this...
    "The person you are trying to reach is no longer accepting your calls. Please, never try again."..

    Ahahahahahaha :)

  6. LOL love the humor and this blog!!!

  7. I just chuckled out loud! Brilliant! And the painting and poem is kinda cool too!

  8. I know the artist and the true friend, very funny, witty people, they remind me of two snot nosed kissed pulling pranks, gotta love them. Nice work!! I'm gonna steal that painting when I go to her house!! I'll sell it for 5 grand!!

  9. The blog looks beautiful Rich! Nice job! Love that dragonfly as well.

  10. LOVE both of you. Rich, your work and humor is outstanding, and your true friend there is as well.
    I'm gonna have her meet me somewhere, and then send someone over to steal the dragonfly. I've seen where it is hanging, right in her entry way. Greatest thing I heard was she said she wanted a "Guardian Angel" to greet her guests as they entered her home, and there is your dragonfly. AWESOME!!!!! Thought I'd share that one.

  11. Nice blog!! It is wonderful!! Love the colors and design. I'm going to borrow that poem and use it for a friend of mine. True ones are far and few between! Nice work!

  12. Love this painting, I've seen the original. Not only is she a true friend to you, but many more. She has touched so many lives, love that laugh of hers too. I couldn't think of a better deserving woman to have this poem written for. Amazing woman and friend. Nice work, and beautiful painting!!

  13. Awe. Just saw this. I know who this was wrote for. She's a beauty inside and out. True friend indeed!! Nice work "Caddy Cabby"!!!

  14. with her generous heart and carefree spirit, she puts all of us to shame. Inside and out!